MITTELEUROPA Group was founded in 2011 as a family business by Jaroslav Novak, a lawyer from Prague . Initially the group was engaged in real estate projects, debt collection services and business activities. After several acquisitions in Slovakia the Mitteleuropa Group has begun to focus on agro-business and agro-production, and in 2015 also on a business with agricultural commodities and fertilizers.

MITTELEUROPA KREDIT & IMMOBILIEN AG is the holding and the lending company of the group. MITTELEUROPA ENERGOCHEMIE AG is engaged in commodity businesses. MITTELEUROPA Group is commercially active within Central Europe.

Kredit & Immobilien AG

The MITTELEUROPA KREDIT & IMMOBILIEN AG company engages through its subsidiaries ICN, Inc. and Domy KOLOVRATY Ltd. in developer projects and investments in real estates

The company owns and runs accommodation facilities in Prague - Stodůlky. Company has completed a reconstruction of a part of the Secession U Bulhara building , renovation and sale of an apartment building in Turnovska street and has built service roads and networks to the company's plots of land as a part of a sale of plots in the village of Svojetice.

The company is currently building 18 houses, including service roads and networks on a plot of 2 ha as part of the SPINNING HOMES Ltd. project. We are preparing for the construction of 12 family houses, utility buildings with 4 apartments, surgeries, shops and the Svojetice II ,, Housing for the elderly " project´s management facilities.

Energochemie AG

MITTELEUROPA GROUP owns lands and several farms including the necessary technology and logistics facilities.

The MITTELEUROPA ENERGOCHEMIE AG company focuses on commodity businesses in agriculture, including supplying the agriculture farms with necessary commodities, especially fertilizers and a waste problem solving


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